Magic Monster Spray

DIY Magic Monster Spray

This time of year can be scary for little ones so we want to take this opportunity to share a helpful hack — Magic Monster Spray! If your little one is afraid of monsters at bedtime, this magic monster spray might just help. It’s very easy to make and helps children conquer their fear of monsters, and other nighttime insecurities they may have. Not sure what to do when your child is afraid of the dark or becomes afraid of monsters following Halloween? DIY Magic Monster Spray could be the answer.

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DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

We can tell you first hand that this monster spray has worked. How do we know? One of Christine’s Sugarplums became afraid of monsters.  Her other two never had a problem sleeping in their own room, never had nightmares, and didn’t need a nightlight. But her middle daughter let those monsters in. So, in a struggle to help her sleep better we created some very special, very powerful DIY Magic Monster Spray with essential oils.  Thank goodness it worked!

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DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

A good night’s sleep.

We recommend making the Magic Monster Spray together with your children. That way you can talk about their fears while they are having fun making a craft. When adding the essential oil, you can simply say that monsters hate the smell of essential oils.

How do you use Monster Spray? After your normal bedtime routine, bring out the magic monster spray.  You can explain again that the magic spray will not let any monsters into the room, then ask where the monsters are getting in. Spray those areas first. Let your child spray and have siblings and family help as well. Spray other areas too, like windows or closet doors.

Keep the bottle within reach and hopefully, with Magic Monster spray nearby, bedtime monsters will soon be history!

DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

Here’s the recipe we used: DIY Magic Monster Spray

  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Distilled water
  • Sequins or gemstones
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Stickers
DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

Here’s how to make Monster Spray

  • Place stickers onto the spray bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • Add the sequins or gemstones.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil.

DIY Magic Monster Spray Tutorial

DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

This Monster Spray is so easy to make.  First, stick your stickers onto the bottle.  Then all you have to do is put the ingredients into the bottle.  Start with the water, then add some gemstones, and finally a couple drops of essential oil.  Give the bottle a swirl before each use.

DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

The essential oils give a fragrance to fend off the monsters. After all, if we can smell it…the monsters can too, right? The gems are for added fun. And the label makes it legit. They will check it out, even if they can’t read!

DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

We hope you liked this DIY Monster Spray with essential oils, and hope that it has helped your little one have a restful night!

DIY Magic Monster Spray by Champagne $ Sugarplums

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