Cork Pumpkin on a white background by Champagne and Sugarplums

How to Make a Simple Jack-O-Lantern Cork Pumpkin

We love Halloween…. and we also love wine. Which makes this classy little pumpkin made of corks so perfect! Is there a better way to use some of those corks that collect in that bowl or vase to the side of the counter?  Even if you don’t drink wine this rustic Jack-o-lantern cork pumpkin decoration still fits perfectly in any kitchen or dining room. It’s a fabulous quick and easy project to fill up a couple hours on a cool fall afternoon.

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jack-o-lantern cork pumpkin by Champagne and Sugarplums

jack-o-lantern cork pumpkin on a dark background by Champagne and Sugarplums

What You’ll Need:
  • 25 Corks
  • Orange paint
  • Green Paint
  • Floral Wire
  • Felt or Silk Leaves
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue
Corks dipped into orange paint and dabbed onto a paper towel by Champagne and Sugarplums

Corks with the tops painted orange by Champagne and Sugarplums

We’ll start with 24 of the corks. Start by pouring some orange paint onto a plate or dish and then dip the end of each cork into the paint. Dab excess paint onto a paper towel. Repeat for all 24 corks and then let dry. Repeat the same again on the opposite sides of the corks.

Top of a cork being painted green by Champagne and Sugarplums

Paint the remaining cork green to make the stem.

Corks being glued into rows by Champagne and Sugarplums

Glue the orange painted corks together in rows, which should make five rows. The first and fifth row and have four corks, the second and forth rows have five corks and the middle row has six corks.

Rows of corks being glued together into a pumpkin shape by Champagne and Sugarplums

Attach all the rows together to form a pumpkin.

Cork stem, wire vine and felt leaf being added to pumpkin by Champagne and Sugarplums

Add a stem to the top of the pumpkin, curling the floral wire around a thick paint brush or dowel to create a curly Q vine. Attach the vine, stem and then leaves to the pumpkin.

Painting a jack-o-lantern face onto a cork pumpkin by Champagne and Sugarplums

To make the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, use some black paint to make eyes and then a mouth.

jack-o-lantern cork pumpkin on a counter in front of wine bottles by Champagne and Sugarplums

We hope you had fun making a jack-o-lantern cork pumpkin, Happy Crafting!

Happy Halloween written on a background of pumpkins