Pressed Flowers Mother's Day Gift Idea by Champagne and Sugarplums
Mother's Day

Pretty Pressed Flowers from the Garden for Mother’s Day

Flowers and Mother’s Day go together like hugs and kisses – which also goes with Moms. Today, let’s put a little twist on those pre-made floral arrangements and make some pressed flowers. Littles can help to make with this one, but only with the flower collecting, as the rest of the project involves handling glass. I recruited two of my little nieces out to the yard and we helped ourselves to some of Nanny’s blooms (although they were more interested in the dandelions!).

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Two small girls picking flowers for Mother's Day by Champagne and Sugarplums

Eventually I steered them to the garden and we collected enough flowers to put in our frames. One would be for their Mum (Christine) and one for Nanny. They picked out the ribbon and then I released them back to their mother. This way I could finish the frames without the fear of little fingers getting cut. Here’s how I did it:

Pansies in teapots, watering cans and pots by Champagne and Sugarplums

What You’ll Need:
  • Little helpers
  • Picked flowers
  • Two pieces of glass (unused photo frames are a great option)
  • Clear tape
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
A plain sheet of glass for the pressed flowers by Champagne and Sugarplums

Flowers sitting on a piece of glass by Champagne and Sugarplums

Flowers pressed between two sheets of glass by Champagne and Sugarplums

Adding tape to the bottom edge of two sheets of glass, holding pressed flowers in between by Champagne and Sugarplums
Ribbon being secured to the top edge of two sheets of glass holding pressed flowers by Champagne and Sugarplums
A glue gun adding glue to the bottom a sheet of glass holding pressed flowers by Champagne and Sugarplums

A completed project of flowers pressed between glass and decorated with ribbon by Champagne and Sugarplums

It’s just that easy – 10 minute pressed flowers (minus flower picking) gift any Mom – or Grandma. The girls were very happy to see their carefully picked flowers gifted to their mom and Nanny, and even happier when it was displayed on the wall!

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Happy Mother's Day written on a pink background with pink and blush roses along the top edge by Champagne and Sugarplums