DIY New Years Count Down Clock by Champagne and Sugarplums
New Year

New Year’s Countdown Clock with Free Template

One of the biggest party night’s of the year is here. Besides surrounding yourself with family, friends, drinks, food and cheer – decorations are a must for this night of all nights. We think our sparkly, witty, classy countdown clock is the perfect addition for this years New Year’s Eve.

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Countdown clock on a table with champagne glasses, bottle, ribbon and glitter by Champagne and Sugarplums

What You’ll Need:
  • 12” Wood clock base
  • Paint brushes (one broad and one fine tipped)
  • White and Black paint
  • Gold sparkle ribbon or ribbon tape
  • Clock kit
  • White transfer paper
  • Pencil
  • Free printable template (click here)
Wood base being painted black by Champagne and Sugarplums

Paint face of your clock black. 

Collage of words being transferred to base by Champagne and Sugarplums

Cut your template out, following the black circle outline. This will allow you to align the template to the outside edge of your clock base. Lay a sheet of the transfer paper out onto your clock base and then place your template on top of the transfer paper, aligning the edge of the paper with the clock base.  Use a pencil to trace over each letter which will leave a chalky outline.

Painting in the letter transfer with white paint by Champagne and Sugarplums

Following the pattern you made with the transfer paper, use the white paint and your fine tipped brush to fill in the letters on your clock face. A paint marker would work well for this too.

Store pens, pencils, scissors and anything else in style!

Ribbon being added to the side by Champagne and Sugarplums

Attach ribbon or ribbon tape around the outside edge of the clock.

Clock motor and hands being added to by Champagne and Sugarplums

Add the clock hands and motor, while most kits include threading the motor shaft through the centre of the clock and attaching the hands with the bolts provided, follow the directions on your kit.

Countdown clock on a table with champagne glasses, ribbon and glitter by Champagne and Sugarplums

Countdown clock on a table with champagne glasses, bottle, ribbon and glitter by Champagne and Sugarplums

Finally, add some batteries to the countdown clock and party the year away, happy crafting!

Happy New Year from Champagne and Sugarplums

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