Non-Candy Easter Ideas

Kids love to have a basket full of chocolates and candies, you know, cream eggs, caramel chocolates, Peeps and Jelly Beans, but there are only so many sweets they can eat. That’s why we wanted to share some creative and fun ways and ideas to gift to your children this Easter. Here are some Non-Candy Easter Ideas for you to choose from.

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Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

New clothes – New spring clothes are a great non-candy idea for Easter. Think shorts, t-shirts, hats and sandals! Stores are filled with new and cute options for spring and summer fun.

Stuffed animals or plushies – A cute, soft bunny or fuzzy chick will delight your little one on Easter. Or choose a favourite to add to a collection — Beanie Boos or Squishmallows are popular choices right now. The reversible happy/angry plush by TeeTurtle is also fun!

Surprise Toys – Blind bags are a craze right now. Brands such as LOL and Mini Brands are sure to be a hit. It helps that many of these are sold in a compact ball that can fit into your little ones basket!

Gift cards – Surprise your older kids with a gift card to their favourite store this Easter and let them choose their own gift. Gift cards for the local ice cream shop or dinner out for the whole family is a great option too.

Sidewalk chalk – A spring and summer favourite. Some new sidewalk chalk is a perfect non-candy gift. It’s non-expensive and tons of fun. Win-Win. Consider picking up some sidewalk paint for something a little different!  

Gardening supplies and seeds – Do your little ones love digging in the garden? Some gardening gloves, a shovel and a hoe for some gardening fun. Throw in some seeds and pots so they can watch their plants grow!

Fun Non-Candy Easter Ideas!

Books – You can never have enough stories to share. Gift your little one a new edition of their favourite novel or a fun Easter bunny story to read together. Bathtime books are a great gift for younger children.

Figurines – Schleich, Playmobil and Lego have lots of small options for your little one’s Easter basket. Don’t forget to check your local dollar store for their favourites first, sometimes you’ll find these brands in the toy isle.

Glow sticks – Light up the room with some glow sticks and laser rings. These fun toys can be found at the dollar store and are a great non-candy Easter basket idea.

Hair accessories –  Scrunchies, clips and headbands can fill your little one’s Easter basket. Make-up and make-up bags are a good idea for older children. Purses, hats and sandals are also great options for Easter baskets.

Bath toys – Make bath time more fun! A new rubber ducky, small watering can or floating book is always a fun non-candy gift idea for kids.

Games – A board game for the whole family or a new card game to learn. Or consider a fun game for spring and summer like a bean bag toss or frisbee.

Jewelry – A necklace with a favourite character, Easter earrings or a headband. There are endless options when it comes to jewelry, from inexpensive to more precious.

Bubbles. Bubbles, bubble blowers or bubble wands. There are so many fun and inexpensive bubble ideas that kid love. Fill a bubble themed bucket for them

Pool and beach supplies. Summer will soon be here. Pool and beach toys and gear are great Easter gift ideas. Think goggles, floaties, towels, a new suit or some fun sunglasses! 

Bubbles, Chalk, Glow Sticks – So many options to choose from!

 Sports gear. Do you have a little one that loves sports or is part of a team? New sports gear can be a fun non-candy surprise on Easter morning.

Cooking supplies. Cooking supplies, an apron or a cookbook for those little ones that love to be in the kitchen.

Water bottle – A new water bottle for the summer holidays is a great and practical option for a non-candy option.

Experiences. A fun family day out or a trip to the aquarium, or museum can be a fun gift, instead of something that goes into a basket.

Craft or new art supplies. Being bloggers who love kids’ crafts, we love this idea. Gift your little one a new craft or supplies for their favourite crafting activity. Paint brushes, paints, crayons, paper, scissors or a colouring book. You can’t go wrong with a basket full of creative fun!

We hope you found this list of Non-Candy Easter Gift Ideas helpful! If you’re looking for some creative ideas to make at home certainly check out our Easter recipes, crafts and decor!

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