Ultimate list of summer drinks by Champagne and Sugarplums
Summer Long Weekends

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks – Over 65 Recipes!

Welcome Summer!! This week we are bringing you the Ultimate List of Summer Drinks, we have over 65 of the best summer cocktail, mocktails, smoothie recipes and more. You’re certainly going to find a recipe for your summer long weekend celebration here, adopt one as your signature drink, make it by the batch for a crowd or enjoy it to yourself.

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Summer time drinks with friends and family

Whatever you decide, we hope you find an oh-so perfect summer cocktail recipe for summer days and nights!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks, Cocktails, Mocktails and Recipes

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This dairy-free keto berry smoothie is light, refreshing, and perfect for a low-carb breakfast or a mid-day snack. Keto Berry Smoothie {Paleo & Dairy-Free} by Cassidy’s Craveable Creations
  • A restaurant quality cocktail that is sure to please! This Frozen Strawberry Margarita is made without triple sec in less than 10 minutes. Frozen Strawberry Margarita without Triple Sec by Home-Cooked Roots
  • This Peach Sangria is brimming with fresh fruits, sweet wine and peach brandy. Top it off with a bubbling lemon lime soda and enjoy a tall glass of this refreshing summer sangria recipe, certainly a delicious summer night drink! Peach Sangria by Swirls of Flavor
  • This lavender gimlet is so refreshingly cool, a perfect drink for those hot summer nights. The Lavender Gimlet by Ugly Duckling Bakery

Blackberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Watermelon Drinks

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • Delicious mint and blackberry cocktail makes a refreshing drink that is simple to make and perfect for long summer weekends. Blackberry Mint Gin Bramble by Cooking On The Front Burner
  • This fizzy strawberry rhubarb pie cocktail is so tasty you’ll be making it all summer long! We take the delicious flavour of strawberry rhubarb pie and mix both vodka and sparkling soda – creating a cocktail fit for any summer long weekend get together. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cocktail by Champagne & Sugarplums
  • Stylish, delicious and so easy to make. This passion fruit twist on the classic cocktail is a must try summer cocktail!  Passion Fruit Margarita by Splash of Taste
  • This Homemade Watermelon Strawberry Limeade is the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day! A combination of delicious watermelon, strawberries and freshly squeezed lime juice blended together with honey is sure to hit the spot.  Homemade Watermelon Strawberry Limeade by Marathons and Motivation

Beermosa, Frosé and Malibu Bay…

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • These beermosas are made with just 2 ingredients. They’re the ultimate summer cocktail to enjoy! Beermosas by The Six Figure Dish
  • This strawberry frosé is the perfect summertime frozen cocktail!! Frosé (aka frozen rosé) is basically just a refreshing, grown-up slushie! Strawberry Frosé (frozen rosé) by Barley & Sage
  • Malibu Bay Breeze is a fruity, layered cocktail bursting with the best tropical flavors! Just one sip of this refreshing drink of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice will have you wishing you were on island time! Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe by Sugar and Soul
  • Enjoy summer with a classic tiki drink! This Painkiller cocktail is full of tropical flavors and will make you thinking you’re sipping on a beachside drink. Painkiller Cocktail by Burrata and Bubbles

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks: Cucumber Collins, Limonana and Ginger & Mint

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This refreshing Cucumber Collins is a delicious, easy twist on the classic Tom Collins Cocktail recipe. Pureed cucumber gives it a wonderful fresh flavour! Cucumber Collins Cocktail by Veggie Desserts
  • Try this refreshing and flavourful berry iced tea, made with berry loose tea, ginger and berries. It’s the perfect special drink for a hot summer’s day. Berry Iced Tea with Ginger and Mint by Veggie Desserts
  • The most refreshing drink of the summer! Limonana takes thirst-quenching homemade lemonade and kicks it up a notch for a cooling, invigorating beverage. Limonana – Israeli Mint Lemonade by Family Friends Food
  • A refreshing twist to a classic, this cucumber Moscow mule is a full flavoured cocktail perfect for the summer. Refreshing Cucumber Moscow Mule by Chelsea Peach Tree

Masala Chaas, Pina Colada and Margarita

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This refreshing drink is so easy to make and tastes delicious, serve it with lunch or dinner or enjoy it on its own! Spiced Indian Buttermilk – Masala Chaas by Culinary Shades
  • Bringing everyone’s favourite drink into pitcher form, this delicious pina colada sangria is so simple to make and a guarantee crowd pleaser. Refreshing Pina Colada White Sangria by Chelsea Peach Tree
  • This top-shelf Cadillac Margarita uses premium ingredients of tequila and orange liqueur to ensure a top-shelf margarita. This recipe is ready in 5 minutes or less. Cadillac Margarita by Become Betty
  • This spiked peach Arnold Palmer is certainly the perfect summer cocktail. Made with delicious peach flavours. Spiked Peach Arnold Palmer Cocktail by Food, Fun & Faraway Places

325 x 325

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks: Italian Soda, Thai Iced Tea and Delicious Banana Daiquiris

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This passion fruit version of the margarita is a unique twist on the original. It contains both freshly squeezed passion fruit and orange juices to give vibrant summer flavours you’ll enjoy! Passion Fruit Margarita Recipe by Healthy Recipes 101
  • Nothings better than a homemade Italian soda recipe for a hot summer day! Kids and adults will love this easy to make Italian soda. Homemade Italian Soda Recipe by Saporito Kitchen
  • Thai Iced Tea is a deliciously creamy, mildly spiced, slightly-caffeinated, and refreshingly sweet drink made from tea, milk, and sugar. Thai Iced Tea Recipe – How to Make Thai Tea by The Forked Spoon
  • Your frosty tropical cocktail favourite made without the alcohol and right in a blender with just 3 real ingredients, so easy! Virgin Banana Daiquiris that are gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free you and even the kids can enjoy this healthy recipe! Virgin Banana Daiquiris by Strength and Sunshine

Slushies, Smoothies and Marshmallow Cocktails!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks: Blueberry Iced Tea, Keto Smoothie and Frozen Margarita’s

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • What’s better than watermelon in summer? A Watermelon Margarita of course! Frozen Watermelon Margarita by Vegan Huggs
  • The most refreshing way to use up extra blueberries. Made with a blueberry syrup (also great for pancakes) this iced tea is the right balance of cooling and sweet. Blueberry Iced Tea by Peel with Zeal
  • This refreshing smoothie is delicious and keto friendly. A perfect start to a summer day! Keto Strawberry Smoothie by Sula and Spice
  • Cool down with a cool cocktail over the summer with flavours of pineapple, mango, a splash of grenadine, and a touch of Alize Vodka to give a nice buzz. Pineapple Mango Sunrise Cocktail by Brown Sugar Mama

Berry Açaí Smoothie or Lemonade Sparklers for Summer Long weekend drinks!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • Agua de Tamarindo, or Tamarindo Drink, is a tangy and sweet Mexican agua fresca. Refreshing and easy to make. Agua De Tamarindo (Tamarindo Drink) by Mama Maggie’s Kitchen
  • This berry açaí smoothie is amazing. Sugar and dairy free it’s the perfect smoothie for everyone. Berry Acai Smoothie Recipe by Bake Me Some Sugar
  • This lemonade sparkler cocktail is so refreshing in the summer heat. The flavors combine to make the best drink. Lemonade Sparkler Cocktail by Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt
  • This summer beat heat with this easy to make spicy watermelon margarita. This watermelon-infused tequila drink is so refreshing and summer-y, you definitely want to make a big batch of it. Spicy Watermelon Margarita by Curry Trail

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks: Bubble Tea and Sweet Iced Tea!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • You’ll want more and more of homemade lemon iced tea sweetened with honey on a hot summer day! A tall glass of sweet iced tea is very refreshing and a perfect thirst-quencher. Honey Sweetened Lemon Iced Tea by Curry Trail
  • A Spicy Paloma Cocktail is a tequila and grapefruit juice cocktail with a sweet kick of jalapeño and brown sugar simple syrup. Spicy Paloma (Grapefruit and Tequila Cocktail with Jalapeno Simple Syrup) by Sense & Edibility
  • This creamy, rich taro milk tea made with a jasmine tea base, milk and black tapioca boba tastes just like your favourite bubble tea recipe, and so easy to make at home! Taro Milk Tea (Taro Bubble Tea) by The Littlest Crumb
  • These St. Germain Cocktails are easy spritzers with both Elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, hibiscus tea, and a splash of club soda over crushed ice. St. Germain Cocktails by Delicious Table

Iced Matcha Latte, Ranch Water and Dairy Free Mocktail Recipes

Over 65 summer Recipes!
  • This iced matcha latte is certainly the perfect way to get a caffeine boost in the summer! It is made with oat milk and will be ready to drink in just 5 minutes! Oat Milk Iced Matcha Latte by Bree’s Vegan Life
  • Put down that margarita mix! This homemade pitcher of margaritas is SO much better, it’s made as simple as it gets made without any simple syrup, and just 3 ingredients: orange liquor, freshly squeezed limes and your best tequila, the way a margarita should be! Classic Margarita Pitchers (No Simple Syrup!) by Aleka’s Get-Together
  • This Dirty Banana recipe is a Caribbean inspired mocktail and is the perfect refreshing treat for dessert, at a BBQ, or simply when you need a little taste of island life! Dirty Banana (Dairy Free Frozen Mocktail) by Pretty Delicious Life
  • This tequila cocktail is light, so easy to sip on, and over-the-top refreshing thanks to fresh lime juice and the excessive bubbliness of Topo Chico. Consisting of only three simple ingredients, it’s both easy to whip up and so very fun to sip. Ranch Water by The Anthony Kitchen

Tom Collins, Salty Dog and Starbucks Frappuccino Copycat!

Over 65 Drink Recipes!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks: Berry Pina Colada, Boba Tea and Bluewater Breeze

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This Layered Berry Pina Colada recipe is creamy and smooth with strawberries, blueberries, coconut, and pineapple flavours for a refreshing tropical rum drink, step up your pina colada game with this refreshing summer cocktail that is like a liquid vacation in your own backyard. Layered Berry Pina Colada by Cooking with Curls
  • Save money on your Boba Tea by making it at home, it’s so easy to make and really refreshing to drink! Boba Tea Recipe by Plant-Based on a Budget
  • Perfect for patio sipping, this Blackberry Moscow Mule is a refreshing drink with spicy ginger beer, lime juice, fresh mint, and juicy muddled blackberries, and so easy to make! Blackberry Moscow Mule by Julie Measures
  • This easy and colourful tropical cocktail is nothing short of DELICIOUS! Bluewater Breeze Cocktail by The Blond Cook

Blueberry Moon Milk, Peach Moscato Cocktail and “Sunshine in a glass”

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This simple 2-ingredient cocktail is so tasty and refreshing. Perfect for summer! Island Time Cocktail by Mighty Mrs.
  • What’s a long weekend celebration without a perfect cocktail recipe? This Peach Moscato Cocktail Recipe is so perfect for your long weekend relaxation needs, try this refreshing drink on the patio, at the cottage or in the comfort of your living room! Summer Peach Moscato Cocktail by Champagne & Sugarplums
  • This relaxing Blueberry Moon Milk is delicately spiced with cardamom and served over ice for a refreshing drink perfect for those warmer days and nights. Iced Blueberry Cardamon Moon Milk (Vegan) by MOON and spoon and yum.
  • Bikini Martini is a fun, fruity and tropical cocktail sure to impress your guests, if you are looking for a delicious and beautiful vodka cocktail, this oh-so easy to make drink is like sunshine in a glass. Bikini Martini Recipe by Lemon Blossoms

Vegan Ceasar, Agua de Jamaica and Homemade Raspberry Lime Margaritas

Over 65 Recipes!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks: Watermelon, Watermelon and more yummy Watermelon Recipes!

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • This Strawberry Watermelon Punch will be your favourite summer drink! Perfect for brunch, picnics or summer parties – you can make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic – so it’s great for kids too! It’s easy to make and super refreshing! Strawberry Watermelon Punch by Delicious on a Dime
  • A perfect summer cocktail, that’s both easy to make and tasty to drink.  Watermelon Cucumber Mojitos by Home-Cooked Roots
  • The only thing better than a classic lime margarita, is a key lime margarita! Key limes are tarter than regular limes and have a more aromatic and floral flavour that is just so good in margaritas! These margaritas are light, refreshing, and perfect for sipping on all summer long! Key Lime Margarita by Barley and Sage
  • The mojito gets an extra summery upgrade with this coconut-watermelon mojito, it’s certainly the one of our favourite summer drinks, because it tastes like summer in a glass! Coconut-Watermelon Mojito by Burrata and Bubbles

Elvis Elixir, Easy Bubble Tea and Mangonadas Margaritas

Ultimate List of Summer Drinks - Over 65 Recipes!
  • A sweet, but not too sweet drink that is the ideal balance of pineapple, cranberry cocktail, and coconut rum, this easy beginner’s drink to make at home is visually stunning as you can enjoy the layered effect from this cocktail. Malibu Bay Breeze by Become Betty
  • This frozen drink will rank right up there in your top 10! Don’t judge by ingredients – it’s a must try, the video shows two ways to make this drink, a “mock” as well as cocktail! Elvis Inspired Elixir by Redneck Rhapsody
  • Have you ever wanted to learn How to Make Bubble Tea? Here you’ll find everything you need to know to make this creamy, delicious, and surprisingly simple Bubble Tea Recipe right at home. How to Make Bubble Tea (Bubble Tea Recipe) by The Forked Spoon
  • Mangonadas Margaritas are made with fresh mango, tequila and Chamoy, they’ll certainly be the star of your next fiesta or Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Mangonadas (Spiced, Frozen Mango Margaritas) by Sense & Edibility

CoronaRita’s, Limoncello Spritz and Blueberry Mojitos

Over 65 Recipes!
  • These refreshing blueberry mojitos are the perfect rum cocktail for a warm summer night, they have the same mint, lime and white rum base as a regular mojito with an oh-so fruity blueberry twist. Blueberry Mojitos by The Littlest Crumb
  • These CoronaRita Margarita Beer Cocktails have a mini “Coronita” turned upside down into a slushy margarita, perfect when you can’t decide between a margarita and an icy cold Corona. CoronaRita Margaritas by Delicious Table
  • A refreshing twist on the classic Aperol Spritz, this Limoncello Spritz is certainly the perfect cocktail to sip on this summer… or any time you want a taste of the Amalfi Coast! Limoncello Spritz by Pretty Delicious Life
  • There’s no better way to quench your thirst thank with this Cucumber Watermelon Lemonade drink, it’s not only guaranteed to cool you off, but it’s super tasty to boot! Cucumber Watermelon Lemonade by Plant-Based on a Budget

We hope you liked our Ultimate List of Summer Drinks. Make the recipes by the batch for a crowd or by the glass for one or two. Easy summer cocktail recipes for poolside, patio or cottage.

If you’re looking for some summer crafts for long weekend celebrations, decorations or boredom fighters, check out our Summer Long Weekend’s page. You’ll also find some amazing summer long weekend dinner recipes.

Happy Long Weekend from Champagne and Sugarplums


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